Leadership and Citizenship Education

I believe good leadership and citizenship education are vital to the well-functioning of liberal democratic societies. I maintain a professional interest in developing and delivering educational material for pre-college students, an activity which complements my scholarly work in many respects. I welcome contact concerning future and collaborative activity in this field.


In 2013, I originated a two-week course within the Brown Leadership Institute’s summer program, ‘Ethical Leadership” Theory into Practice” (CESO 0930). I subsequently taught a revised version of the course in July 2014. This course equips students to analyze the ethical stakes and complexities involved in good leadership, and to articulate their own values for leading ethically, using an array of learning methods, scholarly readings, topical case studies from politics, history and global affairs.

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Sample Syllabus, Ethical Leadership: Theory Into Practice, as delivered at BLI 2014 (Licensed CC-BY-SA 4.0)  »

Brown Leadership Institute Course Listing (live as at July 2014) »

Civic Education

In 2005, I co-authored The Long Journey: 100 Years of Democracy in Britain (with Anthony Cutler), Bridgend, UK: Kestrel Books, 2005 (ISBN: 0-954-8840-2-7).  

The Long Journey is an educational resource (for audiences aged 16-18 years) designed to raise awareness and stimulate discussion on the democratic process and the right to vote, using a historical role-play exercise illustrating previous limitations on the electoral franchise in Britain.

More information, including English Second Language version for purchase: www.kestrel-books.co.uk/CA_Citizenship.shtm.

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